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DisPro: Dispersion test analysis software.

DisPro allows the user to process files created by DSP (dispersion) Brewer routine. Each file (spectral scan) is plotted on the screen and processed to find the peak of the spectral lin...

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SETDATE: Automatic date correction in the OP_ST.### file before running the Brewer software.

SETDATE.EXE is a small, DOS based, program that can be called from the batch file just before running the Brewer control software. The program updates the date in the op_st.### fil...

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MAIN.BAS: Summary of V3.75f Brewer software changes by IOS.

Summary of V3.75f Brewer software changes by IOS.
Last updated April 5, 2004.

IOS has made a number of software improvements to V375e software for Brewers....

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SC,IC,RE,UV: Brewer operating s/w v3.75f

The sun scan routing has been modified to store all raw data into the b-file. Also, two comment lines are now recorded in the b-file, one to indicate the beginning of a SC record and the...

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OP_ST: Operation status (OP_ST.###) file editor.

OP_ST.EXE is a simple, Windows based, program that allows the Brewer users to edit the op_st.### file without running the Brewer control software. Please see also our setdate.exe to automatically ...

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LampsPro: An easy way to process UV lamp scans.

LampsPro processes any currently used UV lamp scan files: UL, XL and QL and produces new instrument UV response file(s). Also, it can create new irradiance (IRR) files for lamps.

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