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LampsPro: An easy way to process UV lamp scans.

LampsPro processes any currently used UV lamp scan files: UL, XL and QL and produces new instrument UV response file(s). Also, it can create new irradiance (IRR) files for lamps.

Download LampsPro.

The main window of LampsPro.Any number of files (of the same type) can be processed at once. Each scan is read, and the data is sorted by the lamp names. The mean scan for each lamp is calculated and the standard deviation of the mean shown. Each scan can be plotted on the screen and compared with the mean for that lamp. The user has the ability to select or deselect a single scan without editing the original files. The program can calculate the response file for the instrument using existing irradiance files for the lamps, or create the irradiance files using a specific lamp as a reference.

Setting up UV lamps' history.Since UV lamps are known to change their spectral characteristics with time, a database is kept for irradiance files for each lamp at a particular time period. Here links to irradiance files are recorded and the program can take the correct irradiance file according to the date of the UV scan file.

Comparing two response files.The program also can compare previously calculated response file with just established and plot the percentage difference between the two.

When necessary the program approximates UV lamp irradiances with the black body function:

Black body function

which provides the accuracy of approximation better than 0.5%.