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SC,IC,RE,UV: Brewer operating s/w v3.75f

The sun scan routing has been modified to store all raw data into the b-file. Also, two comment lines are now recorded in the b-file, one to indicate the beginning of a SC record and the other to indicate the end of it. These new records in the b-files do not interfere with existing b-file processing software and will not affect any calculations.

IOS has also developed a processing tool for these new records. This tool allows a quick and accurate processing of the SC records including any HG test result corrections that may be needed.

IOS has modified the IC routine to incorporate new Q16% flag indicating the presence of the new IOS board. This new flag is now used in the main program.

The RE.RTN has been modified to make use of the "X" and the "E" command as well as to allow for the use of the new IOS board. These new features are now used in the main program.
Please note: there is a report that this new RE.RTN does not load properly at ONE station. Although all other stations where the new RE.RTN has been installed report no problems, IOS is investigating this particular case and additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

The UV.RTN routine now utilizes the "X" and the "E" commands, which improves the time of the scan, especially for the MKIII instruments. Also, the updated UV command will put a start_scan and an end_scan comment record into the b-file. The end_scan record will contain the incident DUV for the scan.