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Scanning filter wheel #3

IOS has developped a new test for monitoring stability of the FW#3 positioning in MKIV Brewers. This test, called FC.RTN, records the SL intensity and the R5/R6 values at a range of FW#3 step numb...

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Implementing cubic dispersion interpolation.

We are currently working on implementing a cubic dispersion fit for the Brewers. With more and more extended range Brewers around the world we feel that it is important to make the wavelength setti...

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Our latest Brewer operating software version 3.79 is now available on this site

Please download the latest Brewer operating software version 3.79. Version 3.79.

Brewer Standard Operating Procedures draft document is now available.

IOS has agreed to host the Brewer Standard Operating Procedures document here on our website. The document is being prepared by Environment Canada in cooperation with IOS and others. You can downloa...

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IOS 2008 - 2009

apologize for silence but 2008 was a good year again - like all the previous ones. Martin is still quite active with IOS and Ken will transfer #017 to him in Lindenberg on May 12. Ken just experienc...

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GWBasic operating software version 3.77 is available for download.

With a bit of a delay, we are happy to announce that the new version of the Brewer operating software is now available for download.

IOS 2007 news

Martin Stanek is our new Brewer specialist. He helped or completed Brewer calibrations in Germany, Belgium, Norway,...

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Year 2007 calibrations have started.

IOS has started year 2007 with a visit to Houston, USA calibrating Brewer #154...

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How to find calibration information

We made it easy for you to find calibration information.
1. You can see all calibrations for a particular Brewer by using the following format:

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Calibration information tables.