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Brewer #180 is a MKIII, located in Punta_Arenas, Chile.

This instrument has been calibrated 4 times:

2004from 2004-12-13 to 2004-12-18Punta_Arenascalat home
2007from 2007-11-22 to 2007-11-26Punta_Arenascalat home
2009from 2009-11-09 to 2009-11-12Punta_Arenascalat home
2015from 2015-02-24 to 2015-03-04Punta_Arenascalat home

Location history of Brewer #180:

2001Punta_Arenas, ChileMKIII
(years represent the time of relocations)

Brewers in Chile:


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