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OP_ST: Operation status (OP_ST.###) file editor.

OP_ST.EXE is a simple, Windows based, program that allows the Brewer users to edit the op_st.### file without running the Brewer control software. Please see also our setdate.exe to automatically correct the date in op_st.### file.

The program was created mainly to edit the date and the location of the Brewer when the instrument has been moved or after it has been unoperational for some time. The advantage of editing the op_st.### file before starting the Brewer control software is that the instrument will not use the wrong date to create or append the b-files.

To prevent unintentional changes in op_st.### the program highlights the options that have been changed. This is how the main window of the program looks like:

The main window of OP_ST.EXE.

Another advantage of this program is that many ozone stations' coordinates have been added into the drop down menu and the user only needs to find the name of the location to select it. The user still can edit the name, the longitude, the latitude, and the standard pressure for the location.

Also, we have added the option for the presence of IOS uart board. This new option is now used by the modified Brewer control software.